Fibers is a practice of story-telling and a haptic resistance against an increasingly digitized life. The fabric I use is permeated with the evolving stories I have collected over the years. I have learned that a story can mend and a story can heal, just like a needle and a thread. As a storyteller and maker, I work at the intersection of both Fibers and Ethnography. At the root, my process always starts with writing and always involves people.

In 1987, my family boarded the plane from the USSR with two children, two typewriters and a Singer model sewing machine, heavier than the weight of my brother and I combined. My mother proudly wore a dress she had created herself from taught, transparent Indian cotton with an intricate pattern of grey flowers. That dress, which hangs on the wall of my Brooklyn loft today remains a sole icon of the moment my family’s life would change forever.  That dress, like so many textiles I work with today, holds the imprint of her labor and her body. 


Through their malleability, fibers allow constant re-negotiation to their shape and meaning. Rather than using fabric as a ground for representational image, I engage each material directly & immediately to reveal its own narrative. I unpack and re-integrate fragmented details into portraits and installations while grappling with fundamental questions about the nature of human relationship to our objects and our stories.

I challenge my viewer to question his positionality. What has he touched and what has touched him?



MFA - Tyler School of Art 2015

RYT Yoga Teacher 2013

Residency Recipient - Arrowmont 2017

Residency Recipient - SFAI 2012

Sotheby's Institute of Art 2010

BFA- Pratt Institute 2005









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